“Don’t worry what people think, they’re probably not thinking about you anyway.” I’m not sure if there’s a specific text I read which said that but it’s a motto many people live by and repeat in various forms. I like to hold onto that for perspective. For me I think of it as saying we are not the centre of the universe and people’s opinions also ultimately don’t matter in terms of life decisions and identity. Get over yourself and people’s opinions basically.”




In the song ‘Captain’ by Hillsong United there is a lyric which I really identify with: “speak to the sails of my wondering heart.” For me, that concept really resonates, it represents the idea of being transient and swayed but having a desire to be spiritually grounded in truth through a connection with God. I think that type of connection is something I look for not just in my spiritual life but also in my identity, my relationships and my life as a whole; that I am connected to something authentic, truthful and grounded.


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