During this summer we went to Puerto, and man it was so so so good that we even went back before leaving our lovely home country.

 Puerto  Escondido is the capital of surf in Mexico, in other words ” its paradise”.  You have all you need to live completely happy; surf, super good food, friendly people, best beaches to surf and visit.

If you haven´t gone, you must !!!

Locals surfing at Carrizalillo


Carizalillo was our favourite spot, as we are not even close to pro-surfers, so it´s a really nice beach to enjoy and catch some small-medium waves. The locals there are super cool, they helped us and taught us surf and life lessons.



As mentioned, Puerto is a place full of crazy, fun, and very interesting  people so here are some of our crazy encounters.



So, one day we decided to be a bit adventurous and so we took a bus to an unknown destination. We ended on visiting Hotel Escondido, and the concept of this place is nuts is just so beautiful, it´s the perfect place for a getaway of relaxation. And probably a place you would stay with your lovely one.

After we enjoyed a delightful Mezcal by the infinity poolside, we continued with Casa Wabi and we were even more surprised. The architect of that place is just crazy, in the very very good way. His name is Tadao Ando a Japanese artists from Osaka; his concept and vision of architecture is just fascinating.

They have a whole story behind Casa Wabi, which is very interesting as they support international artists, but also the local communities of Puerto.

Casa Wabi


To know more about their mission visit – http://casawabi.org/


One Love

One Love Hostal


We had the pleasure to stay in the best hostal in town “One Love“.  For us it has been the best hostal we have ever stayed in the whole world!



We had our own cabin of girls, and what better than the name of our cabin ” The Rolling Stones”  so along our trip we just felt like Mick , Keith, Ron and Charlie.


If you ever visit Puerto, you must stay at One Love, they have everything to feel in Paradise; yoga sessions, best massages in town, really good and healthy food, a wonderful terrace with really comfy hammocks, and they can also arrange for you daily trips.

Plus the owner is super cool !! We just gave him his own motto as he constantly keep saying ” its life you know ”


Lychee Thai

And lastly, the fooooooood. It was extremely delicious, every restaurant we went was delightful, plus quite healthy as we were in a surf town you might imagine.

We only have few photos of food, which are mainly of fish tacos, but we will write some of our favourite spots.



Hope you had enjoy our summer adventure




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